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Why should you get a real estate footage for your property?

While offering real estate photography packages, a video is seen as an optional add-on and it is ignored by the majority of people but the experts think differently when it comes to real estate videos. If you are a real estate agent and you are still not getting the videos, you might be missing something huge.

Real estate footages is a new culture. You might be thinking about why “videos?”. Because videos work! They are better when it comes to building a connection with your client. A video of good quality is effective than any sort of marketing content. Videos build trust without meeting face to face. The stats below prove that the videos are the most effective form of marketing.

  • A user spends more time on a website that has a video: If you have a website but it lacks videos, then you must add them right now. To keep a user engaged with your website, videos are the perfect choice for it as an average user will spend more time interacting with the video than pictures and text.

  • Landing page videos increase conversion by 80%: Real estate websites having a video on their landing page has a persuasive effect on the client. You can use videos to accomplish call to action on the website.

  • Agents who use videos grow faster: It has been reported that the real estate agents who are using videos as their primary form of marketing generate revenue 49% faster than those who do not.

  • Social media loves videos: If are using social media ads to attract clients, real estate videos are a must. Video content on social media is shared 1900% times more than the text and images combined. Video on the social media pages helps the agents to spread their message faster.

  • Videos bring organic traffic: Websites or social media are usually the main media to bring clients. Videos are loved by the search engines, and if your video is relevant to the services you are providing, your website will go crazy with the organic traffic.

  • Videos provide versatile use cases: You can provide a lot with less by using videos as they can be used for many cases. Be it the tour of the property, testimonials, pre-property listings, you can cover this all through videos in the most effective way. Drone shots are new in the market that gives a bird’s eye view of the property.

Videos are not as straight forward as putting up photos of your property and waiting for someone to approach you. If we are talking about the quality here, videos must be shot professionally. For this purpose, you can act in two ways.

  • Learn to create videos: This path is a bit longer but it adds a skillset in your life. For creating your own videos, you will have to use high-end cameras that are usually

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