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Where to Take Great Family Portraits? 4 Best Locations

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Family Portraits in Cincinnati
Family Portraits in Cincinnati, OH

A family portrait is more than a photograph; it’s an absolute heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation, an affluent artifact of family custom that will speak to your kids & grandkids of their past, and where they come from.

To capture family portraits, spring is definitely the best time of the year. During this time period of the year, the world is new & fresh and provides some of the best backgrounds for excellent family portraits in Cincinnati. But, with all those readily available options, how do you pick the best location? Here we have discussed some fun and unique setting that you can use for your family portraits in Cincinnati.

There is no better place than your own home:

Surprised? But, there are many reasons why your own home is the best place to take beautiful family pictures. First of all, it is unique and also wonderfully suitable for you. Second, it is where your entire family is most comfortable at & this is really essential, especially when working with small kids or people who’re a little shy of cameras. Look both inside & out of your home and pick areas that showcase your household’s unique style.

A body of water is an excellent place:

Water certainly makes the most beautiful background for any type of photography. You can opt for a mountain lake to infuse vertical outlook & texture to your portrait, or opt for the smoother look of a pond enclosed by wildflowers and trees. Stream banks also provide a range of texture and color. Be sure regarding the statement you wish to make, and choose a water background accordingly.

An open field is not a bad option at all:

An open field is also an option worth considering for family portraits in Cincinnati. While using an open field for the family portrait it is essential to have a focal point, or else your family will look drifting in an ocean of flowers and grass. Pick a field with an enclosure or leading lines running through it to incorporate depth of field to your photos. Or find an open field enclosed by trees to frame your family.

A studio:

No longer is a studio portrait just for people with traditional & conservative tastes. Family pictures in the studio with solid color backdrops paired with coordinating colored clothing & contemporary furniture are gaining popularity.

If you are still not sure where to take family photos, contact your Cincinnati photographer to recommend a few. Contact Jill Mathews Photography if you are looking for a professional photographer who can capture wonderful family portraits in Cincinnati. Visit our site now to see some sample family portraits and get an accurate measurement of our work.

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