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Wedding Photography Checklist: 8 Must-Have Shots

As your Big Day is around the corner, you might assume your wedding photographer in Cincinnati is something you can tick off the wedding checklists as you’ve booked a pro that you trust & whose style you admire. Nevertheless, to assist your photographer capture all your must-have nuptial photos, it is critical that you provide them with a wedding picture checklist to make sure you’ve treasured images of all your loved ones, particularly those that mightn’t fall into the typical groups a photographer would typically thing to capture.

Wedding Photographer Cincinnati

Here is our wedding photograph checklist that you must consider seriously:


Your wedding day mightn’t officially commence until after midday but make sure your photographer is there to capture the buildup & all that preparation you and your family members are putting on since the morning of your wedding day.

Getting Ready:

You will be encircled by plenty of sentiments throughout the run up to your big moment, so ensure your photographer is there to take images when you’re getting ready, having your make-up and hair done, and enjoying champagne with your bridesmaids.

Family Shots:

Your family members are expected to have played an essential part in your wedding planning & your wedding day is the day when you can show your gratitude for all the time, love and help they’ve given to you. Ensure a few family snaps take of you with your parents or siblings before you walk down the aisle.

Walking Down the Aisle:

This is a happy time & is full of sentiments and is one of the moments that brides say fly past in a second, so have your photographer ready to make that particular moment extra special.

The Vows & Exchanging Rings:

One most meaningful parts of your wedding ceremony will be the moment you say your vows & exchange rings, so ask your photographer to detain this moment on his or her camera.

The Readings:

If you have asked family members or friends to do readings, then it’d be wonderful to have them captured, so you memorize each detail of your special day.

The First Kiss:

A photo of your first kiss as the hubby & wife is a given, so be sure to have this on your wedding photography checklist.

The Newlyweds:

A couple of photos of you walking down the aisle after your wedding or you both standing outside the church being covered with confetti is a must.

Do you have a special request regarding your wedding photography checklist? Contact Jill Mathews Photography now to prepare a complete wedding photography checklist that includes everything a unique wedding should have. Our wedding photographers in Cincinnati are ready to discuss!

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