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Wedding on the Beach

Endless skies, azure water lapping at the shoreline, sandy beaches, and sunshine warming you up from your head to your toes... Sounds like a dream, yeah? Well, that was the recipe for Alexis and Ivan’s wedding held at Clearwater Beach in Clearwater, FL. Obviously, it was a deliriously perfect, photo-worthy day:

Alexis wore the prettiest wedding dress that fit seamlessly into the cream-colored sand and blue skies, and I love that Ivan wore a white tuxedo jacket. A softly colored tuxedo that complemented her dress.

And I know what you’re thinking… what kind of shoes do you wear to a beach wedding? Definitely not heels… The answer is: Nothing! They went bare foot!/Neutral-colored flip flops that were as stylish as they were practical!

“We have always loved Clearwater Beach,” Alexis & Ivan told me about why they chose this location for their wedding.

My only question now is… when can we go back?! But seriously, congratulations Alexis and Ivan! May your future be filled with beaches and days as glorious as this!

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