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Wedding on April Fool's Day

We were honored to shoot a wedding for Eryn & Ben Nixon at St. Aloysius on Reading Rd. here in Cincinnati, OH. I had to ask Eryn, why get married on April Fool's Day? She replied, "We first met at a new job I started. And we flirted with each other for months before we decided to make it official. On April Fool's Day 2015". Of course this is a lucky day for these two.

I asked Eryn, when did you know Ben was the "one"? She said, "I knew he was the one when a day at work he was out back picking up tree limbs dancing like a goofball to country music. I knew then I wanted him to be my goofball."

Doesn't she look so happy?

So how did Ben propose to Eryn? Eryn said, "I did NOT see it coming! He proposed on our two year anniversary. April Fool's Day 2017. He was so excited and I was shocked! Of course I said YES!!" Once again April Fools Day is a very special Day for these two love birds.

So today, April Fool's Day is Eryn & Ben's Wedding Day, April 1, 2022 at St. Aloysius in Cincinnati, OH. Don't they look happy?

Eryn said, "I love that I can be myself around him and vice versa. We both share a deep bond where we just get each other without trying. Most of the times words aren't required because we just know what the other needs." Sounds like these two will be together for a long, long time.

This couple sure was fun to work with. I had to chuckle at their nicknames for each other. Eryn said, "We have nicknames for each other. He calls me MeMe and I call him Honey Badger."

My guess is Mr. & Mrs. Meme HoneyBadger will have a life filled with many heart felt laughs.

We want to wish Ben and Eryn Nixon the very best wishes to a life filled with love and happiness.

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