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Wedding Ideas for your Cincinnati Wedding


Since I have been a wedding photographer since 1993, I have seen it all. And yes, I have a few thoughts on planning a great wedding.

So the saying goes, fail to plan plan to fail. This goes for your wedding too. Beside to use the many, many tools out there for planning your wedding. The more planning you do, the easier the wedding goes.

Here are my bulletproof suggestions:

(1) Hire a wedding planner. Planning your wedding yourself is stressful and as a bride you have probably never done any of this before. Some business seem great because they have spent many. many dollars on advertising and they just are not that great. Using an experienced wedding planner, you get the benefit of their years of experience. Also many times, they will negotiate for you and get a good price for what you get.

(2) The only thing you have left is the pictures. Do not skip getting a photographer or try to save money by getting the very cheapest one you can find. Are you really OK with being disappointed by your once in a lifetime pictures? Your wedding coordinator can help you, but if you choose to pick the wedding photographer on your own, look for the hours you need, the features you want. Do you want a wedding album or do you want to go to say Shutterfly and design your own. Be aware Shutterfly's wedding albums start about $400 for the very small 8x8 album. Maybe you will catch a big sale and get one for less, but they are not cheap. If you photographer can help you with design and do this process for you, why not let them.

(3) Wedding Video. Yes, you will indeed watch this over and over through the years. Picture watching it with your children and grandchildren as the years for by and your enjoy the lifetime of memories you both will have together. Again your wedding coordinator can help you with this choice. Seriously do you want this shot on a cell phone?

(4) A timeline for everyone to the know when and where to be. When brides book with me, I send out a suggested timeline for the bride and her coordinator to discuss so come the wedding day, EVERYONE knows where and when to be. Seriously, this one makes or breaks a wedding.

(5) On the wedding day, let your coordinator take care of details. Do not feel you need to direct the wedding on your own once in a lifetime day. This day should be about fun and love and friends. And don't we all need more of that?

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