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Wedding at St. Boniface Catholic Church

There’s something about a classic, formal wedding inside of a church that gets me every time. It just feels so pure and cinematic. I love the pews, the pulpit, the architecture, and – if I’m lucky – the stained glass windows and incredible art. Jessica and Jesus’s wedding took place at St. Boniface in Cincinnati, OH , which has a breathtakingly beautiful sanctuary.

These two have been together as a couple about 12 years now. Jesus and Jessica made St. Boniface their Church home and here we are looking at their wedding photographs! Isn’t that the sweetest story?

Since we were at St. Boniface, we wanted to make sure we took advantage of the front steps going up to the large entry doors.

After their wedding, the couple went to their reception at The Lux. There were many events that eying, but here is one during the mariachi band and first dance with Jesus and Jessica's first dance as a married couple.

You guys are going to rock this whole being married thing. Thanks for sharing your day with me!

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