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The Very Best Wedding Photography

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Cincinnati's Premier Wedding Photographer

When it’s time to book a wedding photographer, residents of Cincinnati, OH, turn to Jill Matthew’s Photography. Adept at taking memorable shots for any event, this company specializes in capturing amazing moments. Here’s a look at why you should book your photographer now.

Why You Should Book Your 2018 Wedding Photographer Now

Photographers often fill up their schedules as far as a year in advance. Waiting until the last minute to book yours could make things difficult, particularly when you want a specific professional. They may not be available on your wedding date. Instead of waiting, you should call your preferred professional photography specialist immediately for your 2018 wedding!

Why You Should Hire Jill Matthew’s Photography

With this expert company, you’ll feel confident knowing your wedding is in great hands. With a team of multiple photographers and wedding videographers, every moment of your wedding — from the “I do’s” to guests dancing — will be captured. That means you’ll always be able to relive every moment.

Plus, these experts only work one wedding per day — so you won’t have to worry about any distractions caused by other events. Rather, you’ll know your wedding will be the focus. And, they’ll work with you to determine the best pricing option for your budget. With such a great team led by Jill — a PPA photographer — it’s no wonder this company books up fast.

It’s always better to be ahead of the game. If you’re looking for the ideal wedding photographer for your 2018 ceremony, contact Jill Matthew’s Photography today. Perfecting the balance between artistry and technique, this expert’s work has even been featured on TheKnot®. To book these professionals for your wedding, give them a call today at (513) 267-7973. You can also view their gallery online or follow them on Twitter for news and updates. You can schedule a consultation at

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