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The 30 Best Location Ideas for Senior Photos in Cincinnati

The 30 Best Location Ideas for Senior Photos

Having your senior pictures taken is really one of the first opportunities you have to express yourself through imagery. For that reason, everything from your outfit choice to the photographer you choose to the location of your images really matters. Take your time in figuring out what sort of senior pictures in Cincinnati, OH you want, but meanwhile you can narrow down your backdrop choice by perusing through this list of creative senior portrait location ideas.

15 Unique Session Locations for Female Senior Pics

Greenhouse — It’s like being outside, only you’re inside! This is really great for capturing earthy, laid back vibes, and the walls and ceilings are often made from glass, so you’ll get to work with gorgeous lighting. Here in Cincinnati, Krohn's Conservatory can be a good choice.

Butterfly Garden — This is similar to a greenhouse since they try to incorporate as much light as possible for the butterflies. It’s also plush with greenery, art installations, and, of course, butterflies! So again Krohn's Conservatory.

Coffee Shop — Always a cute spot for some tea, coffee, and great shots.

In a Vintage Clothing Store — The array of eclectic clothing and accessories makes for a unique backdrop for images. I am a huge fan of Pistil Vintage in OTR.

Ice Cream Shop — Get a little crazy with your flavor choices and don’t forget the cherry! And what better choice could there be than Aglamesis.

At a Roller-Skating Rink — For old school, nostalgic vibes, shoot at an indoor roller-

skating rink. If you don’t have one in your town, the town over just might.

Indoor Jump House/Bouncy House — How fun would this be?

Inside a Theater — Theater junkies and drama club types may get a kick out of shooting inside of a local theater. We’ll take advantage of the lush velvet curtains and beautiful architecture.

Against a Cool Mural — Know of some awesome murals around town? They make

perfect backdrops for senior pics.

Against the City Skyline — Whether we’re in the thick of it or in spot that overlooks the whole city, these make for awesome senior pictures. Devou Park overlook can work for this one.

At a Ceramics Studio — Get into the creative zone at a ceramic studio.

Museum — A museum is a beautiful place to shoot thanks to great lighting, seating, and beautiful art. Cincinnati Museum Center is one of my favorites for sure.

At a Cookie/Cupcake Shop — We’ll make sure to buy something yummy to snack


In the Classroom — Senior pics in a classroom? Makes perfect sense.

At Home — if you have a beautiful space, let’s take advantage of it.

20 Unique Session Locations for Male Senior Pics

In a Warehouse — Warehouses feel industrial and can sometimes have beautiful lighting or cool backdrops to shoot against. Poke around local ones to see if there are any options!

In a Farm House — If the barn isn’t for you or your clients, head to the farmhouse. There’s a certain aesthetic to farmhouses... they’re simple, laid back, and have great lighting and cozy décor.

In a Library — The library offers interesting lines, repetitive motifs, and lends to the “school” vibe.

Inside a Car — Whether new or vintage, taxi or convertible, shooting inside a car can really play up the creativity factor.

At an Arcade — Let the games begin!

In a Restaurant — It could be upscale, kitschy, urban, or hipster-y.

In a Farm Stable — It’s rustic, it’s rural, and earthy. You also have the chance to interact with the animals and get some great candid images while you’re there.

In a Barn — This is the same idea as above. You can find barns that rent out their space specifically for photographers or events, or alternatively you can find a

friend/acquaintance/client with access. Take advantage if you live in the countryside.

In an Old Elevator — Seek out a historical building that’s taken care of preserving its

interiors. An old elevator can make for gorgeous shots, even if it’s recently been


At an Old School Barbershop —The more classic the décor, the better!

In a Music Studio — If you have access to a music studio, this is a great spot for music

buffs and those who are in the industry.

At an Instrument Shop — If you don’t have access to a music studio, an instrument shop is your next best bet!

Graffiti Backdrop: Know of some cool spots for graffiti around town? They make perfect backdrops for senior pics.

At the Bowling Alley — The shoes, the ball, the nostalgia! This is great for families and

couples and will deliver lots of authentic smiles and candid shots.

At the Football Stadium — if you’re a football player, this is a great spot.

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