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Spring Fashion 2022

Spring is here! What are you planning to wear? I read that bright colors are in this Spring. Guess I better get busy shopping. Any excuse, right?

What are the biggest fashion trends for spring 2022?

"This spring, it’s all about the stand-out hues. Think: cobalt blues, neon greens, and bubblegum pinks," says Caroline Maguire, Shopbop's Fashion Director. "You can either mix bright pieces together or go monochromatic — either way, these bold looks will be sure to make a statement for the season."

But how do I wear the trends without looking like a walking fashion disaster? Not sure if I could pull off the hair wrap there, but I do try to look pulled together and polished. I understand for us ladies, the handbag should match the shoes. Yikes! I am sporting a bright yellow handbag. I better get it together!

But wait! How am I supposed to pay for this? Changing my look every season can be expensive. One of the first things that is suggested, is to purge all your old outdated, stained, damaged and ill fitting clothing. Now let's see what good quality classic pieces we have left. Be very clear with yourself on what you want to wear and keep only those items. Also wearing super high heels is not a great look for most. For me I look like a newborn fawn in almost ready to fall over. I guess those yellow shoes are out.

What are the few key pieces you need in your wardrobe this season? I hear the 70's are back, so we are seeing crochet tops. We are seeing cropped cardigans and gingham shorts and dresses. And oh no! The low rise jeans are back, as well as the wide leg jeans. I guess I am back to lots of treadmills running and salads.

What should we avoid when it comes to being fashion forward for spring 2022? Skinny jeans. Oh no! My drawer is full of them. Also I hear Camo is out of style, as are off the shoulder dresses, midi skirts, knit pants, bike shorts, hoodie sets, long sweaters, short blazer, full skirts, A-style dresses, tennis skirts, skater skirts, A-style midi skirts and square necklines, and skinny jeans are not in style for spring 2022.

Wow! That's a lot to set aside, donate or throw away to be current in your style. What can be done? First of course is to sort through your wardrobe. This will this help you become more organized, and it will also give you the opportunity to see what you own. Find your basic staple items. These can be used to make 4 or 5 outfits and then you can style them in many ways. I see scarves are still in style. Thank God!

Because bold colors are the thing this spring, select out some statement items. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

Maybe not quite this much maybe, but remember to be your authentic self.

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