• Jill Matthews

Real Estate Photography in Cincinnati

I have found that I have some free time during the week that I love to use shooting real estate photography. There is just something about the travel and seeing all types of homes and commercial buildings to shoot the images that will help sell the property. I also get to use my DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone for arial photography and arial video.

I also offer walk through video to allow your prospective buyer to see your property without having to physically come see it. Also all the showings, with the quick pick up the house, get the kids and the poets out of the house, might be cut down some for those who want to see the property without having to go there.

I do lots and lots of homes in foreclosure, bank owned properties. This type of shoot is the most interesting. Sometimes the home is in very bad condition and sometimes, not so bad. I swear one of these days I will have to take advantage of the great price these properties are priced at.

I shoot real estate photography all over the greater Cincinnati area and northern Kentucky. I love the drives to some very beautiful parts of Ohio and Kentucky. Anything that can help get your property sold, I am happy to do for you. I usually shoot four HDR images and 26 single exposure images in a real estate package. I also offer four HDR images and 26 single exposure images along with 10 drone photos.

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