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Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

6 Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas Your Clients Will Love

Saying thank-you is always good practice, but sometimes going above and beyond by gifting your real estate client a small something can make a major impact. Not only will it help make them feel confident that they chose the right agent to help them find a house, but it will also help make them feel more inclined to work with you in the future and refer you to their friends.

A closing gift is a small token, but when they say, “It’s the thought that counts,” that’s completely true. We’re sure you have lots of ideas on of your own, but just in case here are seven more to try out.

A Bouquet of Gorgeous Flowers for Their New Home It doesn’t matter who you are — having a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your home adds color, life, and happiness. Opt for something that speaks to their personal style, but if in doubt go for color!

An Ornament with a Picture of Their House If you sold your client their home around the holidays, this timely gift will go extra far. You can find picture-frame ornaments pretty easily. Simply buy one and then insert a picture of their home or with them in front of their home, then wrap and deliver.

A Framed Image of Them Holding the Keys to Their House Instead of an ornament you could gift your real estate client a framed image of them standing in front of their new home with keys in hand!

A Nice Bottle of Champagne and Thank-You Card For a chic and classic “thank you,” gift them a nice bottle of bubbly with a thoughtfully written card. If you’re feeling extra indulgent, spring for the champagne glasses, too.

Create a Scrapbook with the Real Estate Images Let your clients walk down house-shopping memory lane by having a scrapbook created for them that features listing images of their new home. It’ll remind them of how excited they were when they finally found their dream space, and it makes for a beautiful present, too.

A Gift Card to the Corner Bakery/Coffee Shop Welcome your real estate clients to their new neighborhood by giving them a gift card to a nearby restaurant, bakery, coffee shop, or boutique. It’ll give them a reason to explore the area some more!

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