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Pet Photography Sessions

6 Pet Sessions You Need to Book This Instant

Maybe you’re someone who books a pet session every single year without fail, or perhaps you’ve merely toyed with the idea of having one done but haven’t ever booked. Whatever the case, we probably don’t have to convince you that having professional images of your pet is a true gift. Pet portraits are crazy adorable and are sure to make you and everyone else deliriously happy. We might be biased, but below are six pet session ideas that we think you ought to book this very second.

Doggy Cake Smash Every doggo has a birthday, and every doggo deserves cake on their birthday. Documenting the hilarity of it all on camera is an absolute must. Let’s go all out with a number balloon, party hats, and confetti!

Pet Adoption & Anniversary Sessions If you’ve just adopted a new pet into your world, or if you’re celebrating an adoption anniversary, you’ve got a perfect excuse to have images taken of your fluff.

My Pet & Me Session These sessions are so sweet, and we can tailor them to you and your pet’s exact needs. Maybe we capture some heart-warming images of you and your dog on a fun hike through the woods, or maybe posing together at home on the couch, or dressed up in bowties together. The options are endless!

Pet Milestone Package Just like humans, pets go through various stages throughout their life and undergo a lot of physical and even personality changes. This is particularly true from birth to about one year. If you want to document your pet’s evolution throughout that first year, a milestone package is the best way to do it. We’ll capture images of them as young puppies or kittens, a few months old when they’re in that awkward phase, around six to eight months old, and then one additional session at their first birthday.

Senior Pet Session Our pets get older just like us, and those gray muzzles and calmer demeanors are all the reason to photograph them. Senior pets are incredibly special whether we adopted them in their maturity or have watched them grow up.

Holiday Pet-In-Costume Session If you’re going to dress your pet up in an adorable costume, then you better make sure to get high-quality images of the moment! From Easter bunny ears to pumpkin getups at Halloween to elf costumes in December, there’s always something fun to come up with!

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