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Manor House Wedding

People! I am so excited to share Heather and Hal’s wedding with you today, which could have seriously been featured (and very well may be in the future) in ANY bridal magazine across the world. These two have impeccable taste, to the point where I cannot even describe how perfect every single detail was. It’s a good thing I’m a photographer, then, yeah?

From the insanely gorgeous centerpieces &floral arrangements to the decadent food, there wasn’t a thing that wasn’t thought of and carefully planned. And when I saw Heather in her wedding dress, I almost lost my breath! (Can’t even imagine how Hal must have felt seeing her for the first reveal!

Here are a few more shots from their picture-perfect day:

What a joy it was to photograph you on this special day, you two. I hope your years are full of happiness, light and just as much beauty!

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