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Make High School Senior Portrait Photography in Cincinnati Fun with Jill Matthews Photography

Photographing high school seniors is all time favorite of every photographer! The reason behind this favoritism is that the seniors are the most excited models with a great sense of style, so making them pose is not a difficult task at all! Also, high school seniors know what they want out of their photography well making it easier for the photographer to click the best. High school senior portrait photography can be completely fun (and it should be!) when everything is set correctly from the wardrobe to make up and everything in between.

Let us check out few tips that can help the seniors prepare well for their photoshoot!

Wardrobe –

Right clothing is the first and foremost element that helps your face dominate the portrait as the main aim of high school senior photography is a prominent face. Hence, always make sure while choosing your clothes that the photograph should draw eyes to your face rather than your dress. For that it is always advised not to choose bright colored and busy patterned clothes. Also, short dresses and skirts can limit your posing options, so try to avoid that as much as possible. Choosing varying style of clothes also helps you in posing differently and looking fresh each time.

Make Up –

It is yet another important aspect when senior photography is concerned. If you have an oily skin (especially your face) then it can make you look unattractive with shiny spots in the photographs hence make sure to wear foundation makeup that isn’t oily and keep refreshing your makeup with translucent powder during the shoot. You can also use face blotters to keep your make up intact throughout the session. If using mascara make sure to choose neutral ones such as grays and browns. Moisturize your lips well before the session to avoid chapped lips during the session and make sure not to use glossy lipsticks which can ruin your picture as they make white shiny spots.

Hair –

Your hairstyle can make or break your entire photography session. Having the right haircut and hairstyle is highly essential. Also, make sure you do not use hair products such as gel and hairspray a lot else it will make your hair look static which doesn’t look good in photographs.

Besides these three major tips there are many other tips as well such as shaving, suntan removal, jewelry and more that should be kept on mind well before going for high school senior portrait photography.

And at Jill Matthews Photography our photographers understand that your high school seniors are young, fresh, and enjoy the most is in front of the camera. We also believe that photographing high school seniors is celebrating life. And we strive to photograph a high school senior exceptionally hence we do it with a modern, creative, and personalized style which makes our high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati the best.

If you are also looking the most innovative and creative high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati to capture the beautiful moments of your high school seniors then call us today at (513)267-7973 or you can write to us at

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