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Is Your Smile Camera Ready?

Maybe it’s a big event, your wedding day, a new professional head shot, or a seasonal family portrait session…whatever the reason, you’re likely to spend a significant amount of time smiling in front of the camera lens at some point. Have you ever asked yourself what your smile is saying about you? Is it exuding confidence, or do you struggle with smiling for the camera?

As a photographer, I spend time with people of all stages and walks of life. While everyone’s story is different, one common theme I find is that many people just don’t feel satisfied with their smiles. Unfortunately, this often translates into uncomfortable moments in front of the camera lens, and the inability to let loose and be oneself. It is my firm belief that you deserve to be able to flash your pearly whites with self-assurance in front of my camera, so I’ve come up with a list of five easy ways you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

1: Stay On top of Your Dental Hygiene and Checkups

This might be the last thing you consider, but truthfully, regular oral health maintenance should be at the top of your smile-transforming list. While it might be more long term, preventive dental care and checkups with your dentist are the best ways to keep your smile looking fabulous. Make time for flossing and brushing every day so that you don’t have to worry about cavities or gum disease and see your dentist twice a year so that they can make sure everything still looks healthy.

2: Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

When I ask my clients what it is they would change about their smiles, one of those most common responses I hear is that they would remove stains or get rid of yellowing on their teeth. Maybe you’ve given over-the-counter whitening strips or gels a shot with lackluster results. The good news is your dentist uses professional-grade take-home whitening products that allow you to whiten your teeth in a noticeable and effective way in just two weeks’ time. No more fussing with OTC products that may or may not work at all.

3: Talk to Your Dentist About Veneers

Do you want that “Hollywood smile” that the camera lens loves? You may not even know, but tons of well-known celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones, Zac Efron, George Clooney, Miley Cyrus, and many more have veneers. If you have cracks, chips, dark stains, or even gaps in between two or more teeth, dental veneers are a great option that can give you all the confidence you need for the camera!

4. Consider Dental Bonding

Even if they are minor, little flaws like chips in a tooth can tend to stick out like a sore thumb. Never fear, dental bonding is here! In just one office visit, your dentist can easily mold and secure a replacement for the chipped off part of the tooth using a natural-looking enamel-colored resin that will blend right in to the existing tooth.

5: Take a Deep Breath and Just Relax

There are few things more awkward than forcing a smile for the camera when you are distracted by your smile or just trying to make the picture perfect. Instead of trying to imagine what you look like in front of the lens, let loose and be yourself. You’re sure to get the loveliest memories by just being you for the camera.

Even though I’m usually behind the lens making amazing memories for you, I still know what it’s like to be in front of it too. Make the most of each moment, and don’t go on feeling intimidated by the camera when a beautifully transformed smile is so easily available to you!

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