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How to Prepare a House for Real Estate Photography

How to Prepare a House for Real Estate Images

It’s no secret that real estate images can either make or break a listing. Think about some of the awful ones you’ve seen and how quickly you backed away from considering the home. And then think about the way well-lit, high-quality, ultra-flattering shots can have the opposite effect and actually draw you into the home.

Having amazing real estate images is one part hiring a skilled real estate photographer and one part preparing the home for said images. We’ve got the first part taken care of, but here’s how you can help with the second.

Take Down Personal Mementos

It’s painful to take down those family photos and other personal mementos, but they do hinder a real estate photo session.

Clean Out the Closets, Pantry, and Garage

It’s a turn off to the home when a potential buyer cannot see into the closet. Organize and clean any linen closet, pantry space, and bedroom closet that will need to be photographed. This also applies to garages.

Detail the Kitchen and Bathrooms

These areas have the highest propensity to accumulate grime and gunk. Every square inch should be reflecting light. Sometimes hiring a pro is the way to go for this one. While you’re at it, do a sweep of the house to remove any spots, stains, and dust bunnies throughout.

Get Rid of All Clutter

It all sounds exhausting, but your entire home should also be free of clutter. Toys should be put away, pans off the stove, bathroom vanities empty, living rooms kempt, etc.

Tidy Up the Yard

The pool should be sparkling, trees trimmed, weeds removed, and clutter gone! A well- manicured front and backyard helps potential buyers visualize themselves in the space and allows them to think more creatively about what they might want to do with the space, themselves.

Remove All Vehicles From the Driveway and Garage

The real estate photographer will want clear, unobstructed shots of the front of the house and the garage.

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