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High School Senior Portrait Photography Trends that Make Photo Shoots an Amazing Experience

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Long went those days where high school senior portraits were taken in a studio posing in same old poses! Photography has come a long way today, and the trends are changing every day. So for celebrating your graduation with senior portraits in style, you need to hire a photographer who is up to date with the current trends. Are you planning for your high school senior portrait photography? Then check out the following trends to make your portraits unique and stylish.

Go Candid –

Forced smiles can never bring out your happiness within. Isn’t it? Therefore, the best way to portray your joy of being a grad is to try out candid photography.

Pick the Right Location –

The location that dictates your style and personality is the best choice for your high school senior portrait photography shoots. Go to parks, streets or city

scape to feel your photo shoot. The locations that have a meaning behind them create photos that speak your emotions louder than the words.

Perfect Makeup, Hair and Outfit –

To make your high school senior portraits the best you need to look and feel good. Be the best version of you! A perfect makeup, hairdo, and outfit will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera letting you pose in the best way. Make sure to refrain from clown makeup and the hairstyle you usually won’t wear. Also, talking about outfits, you can go casual with jeans, dressy with a suit or formal style dress. To make your photo shoot more fun and meaningful, you can try out your sports uniform or favorite band tee!

Have a Shoot in Groups –

Capturing the lasting memories with your closest friends is the best way to reminisce your high school days for life. Such group photography increases your comfort-ability in front of the camera and also adds fun, silliness, and beauty to your portraits.

Get Shot in Natural Light –

Natural lights create stunning senior portraits. A naturally well-lit shot complements the features and face of the subject.

Conceptualized Shoot –

If you wish to flaunt your personality in your high school senior portrait photography, then a conceptualized photo shoot is the best for you. Make use of some awesome props, plan the day around a casual moment or celebration. Try to get shot with anything or place, which has some meaning associated with it.

Besides these trends, we at Jill Matthews Photography believe that having fun during the shoot is the best way to create the best memories. Therefore our high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati is always a fun-filled affair. Our photographers love to transform your high school pictures into beautiful portraits. We believe photographing high school seniors is celebrating life!

So if you are looking for creative, friendly and professional photographers for your high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati then get in touch with us today at (513)267-7973 or write to us at

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