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High School Senior Portrait Photography in Cincinnati

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

The senior year of high school is filled with full of new opportunities, new responsibilities, and commitments. Considering high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati makes sense.

How do you plan a session for an experience to treasure forever? Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your senior portrait session:

Hire a Professional Photographer!

Ask your friends who have used them and what their experiences were like. Choose a knowledgeable and skilful photographer that specializes in high school senior portraits and find one who style of images you love the most!

Senior Pictures in Cincinnati, OH
Male Senior Pictures

Their images are too important to consider before going for high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati. Having a professional photographer who is trained on the perfect poses, lighting, and editing, and knows how to make you feel comfortable will assure that you have the best experience as possible.

Schedule Your Session.

Do you want your images to be included in the yearbook? Know the deadline for submitting your images and schedule several months ahead of the date. The weather seems unpredictable and you don’t want to be stressed out trying to get them done last minute.

A professional photographer requires time to edit and deliver your images. You need time to choose your announcements that should be sent to family and friends prior to your graduation.

Choose Your Outfits!

1. Colors –

Choose the right color so that you can get the most complements about your look. Always keep yourself away from neon colors as they can cast a strange bright reflection or shadow on your skin.

2. Fit -

Go for the clothes that fit perfectly without being tight. If you’ll opt for very loose dresses, pants, or shirts, they will swallow up you and don’t photograph very well.

3. Options -

Pick a few unique outfits for giving a little variety to your portraits. You can go with something that makes you feel slightly more dressed-up in and you’re more likely to wear often.

4. Personality -

More importantly, you should pick out outfit that you’ll feel comfortable while wearing. You want your family and friends to know the person under the clothes.

5. Focus on Hair, Nails, and Make-up.

Girls may often want to get their make-up or hair done professionally before the session. Remember that, it’s not the perfect time to experiment with new hair color or style; instead go with tried and true. You should trim your nails and remove nail polish or paint them before the session with a color that goes very well with the outfits you’ve chosen.

6. Use Props.

· Don’t consider overly used trends. You want your images to be timeless so that you can enjoy them for many years to come.

· Bring along uniforms, if you want to take pictures while wearing them. Uniform looks best and makes the most sense in pictures.

· Have someone else along to handle your pet during the shots that don’t incorporate them.

Hiring Professional High School Senior Portrait Photography –

For high-end high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati, you should contact Jill Matthews Photography as soon as possible. We have an award-winning team of photographers that are highly dedicated to deliver outstanding results.

For immediate help with high school senior portrait photography in Cincinnati, please visit the website at and contact us online!

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