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Family Portrait Session in Cincinnati: What To Wear

I have been capturing family portraits in Cincinnati for quite some time and my clients quite often ask me what they should wear for a family photography session and with good reasons as there’re times when bad clothes can ruin an otherwise gorgeous family portraits. So prior to each session, I recommend my clients to stick with these tried and true tips on wardrobe, hair, and makeup.


Think coordinating instead of matching: Any way that your family can complement one another – in color or style – can truly pull a stunning portrait together.

Keep things simple: Solid colors are perfect photography material. Ignore anything with large graphics, logos or busy patterns.

Avoid bulky clothes: Relying on seasons layers are fine, but be cautious of excessive layers. Try to ignore clothes that are too bulky.

Family Portraits in Cincinnati

Be comfortable with your kids’ clothing: Show off the fun sides of your children with layered outfit that is fitted & comfortable. When your children feel comfy with their outfit, they are more expected to give expressions that are natural.

Don’t be shy to accessorize:

Children’s accessories like colorful hats or scarves can be an excellent way to add more personality.

Prepare beforehand: It helps if garments are clean, pressed and on hangers a few days prior to the shoot so you don’t need to fret about it the day of the session.

And never forget regarding shoes! They are a vital part of your wardrobe – and there is nothing worse than a lovely dress that destroyed by tattered flip flops or scruffy shoes.

Hair and makeup:

Women should keep their hair style natural. What I wish to recommend here is, if you don’t generally wear your hair in a formal updo, just skip it. And the same guideline applies to your makeup as well: if you are planning to try that cool fluorescent eye shadow you had seen in a TV show, save it for another photo session. Rather, go for natural makeup that makes you feel beautiful.

Keep it clean:

A clean shaved look for men is ideal (but if you have always rocked a beard, I am not recommending you to shave it off!). Haircuts for men and boys must take place a week before the session.

What is vital to me a as a family portrait photographer in Cincinnati is that the session is a pleasurable experience for the entire family. At the end of the day, there is no amount of clothing, hair, or makeup that can distract me from capturing truly sweet moment between the family members. Call Jill Mathews Photography now to enjoy high quality family portraits in Cincinnati captured by our talented photographers.

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