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Epic Wedding at Newport Syndicate

Our gorgeous couple, Angel and Derri, got married this past Saturday, May 8, 2021 at the Newport Syndicate. We love shooting at this venue because of its amazing staff, delicious food, very large size and now is in the age of careful social distancing, its cleanliness and large size for covid restrictions. Samantha Haas, head of sales, at the Newport Syndicate, met us at the door early that morning as we set up for our long day of shooting photography and video with our bride and groom. Samantha saw to every detail of the wedding from start to finish. Her tireless attention to detail made Derri and Angel's wedding one that everyone will remember as epic for years to come. I know we will!

We started the day early, with Angel getting ready. We had her tell us on the video how much she loved Derri. She said, " I prayed for a man like Derri to come into my life. We met at Church. And here we are today, getting married." Derri and Angel are members of the Corinthian Baptist Church in Bond Hill.

We visited Derri as he got ready as well. He spoke to us about his love for Angel as well. He said, "Angel never judged me. She accepted me just as I am and I love her more and more every day for that." I have to say, I love this couple too! Here is a snap we got while Derri got ready with his little ringer bearer, aka son.

After everyone was ready, Derri went out on the Purple People bridge to wait for the first reveal. Angel tapped him on his shoulder to see her gorgeous wedding gown.

After a few photos, we all got on a huge 30 person limo from XtremeLimo. We went to Fountain Square for a few snaps, like this one.

And this little snapshot.

We got back on the party bus from ExtremeLimo and we did photos are P&G Gardens. We then went back to the Newport Syndicate for the wedding.

Stoic Derri, I think, may have shed a tear. Or maybe something got in his eye.

After the wedding, the amazing disc jockey DJ HooQ's had everyone out of their seat with epic music. Check out what he had in store for the first dance. Wow!

Also for additional fun, Derri and Angel had a photobooth that each guest not only had their photo taken, they went home with a magnet of their photo with Derri and Angel's wedding colors and name as a border. This was from Flash Cube Photo Booths by Eric Ridenour. It was a huge hit, as you can imagine.

Check out the photos from the wedding if you would like to see.

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