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Do You Really Need a Wedding Video?

I know. We all try to save money on this once in a lifetime day. And who watches their wedding video more than once anyway? Does this sound like you?

This may not be for you, but in my experience our brides watch their video 100 times or more. And it is presented online so friends and family can see it. That is unless you want it to be private for your viewing only.

At Jill Matthews Photography & Video, we use 3 plus video cameras during the wedding ceremony. We are moving through the ceremony, discreetly of course, looking for moments that tell your unique wedding story. Things like, your father wiping away the tiniest tear as he turns to his seat after presenting you to your groom. This stuff you miss. This stuff your will treasure for years to come. And this stuff will become part of the legacy of memories you as a couple make together.

At the reception, we use 2 plus cameras for all the key moments, like the first dance and all the toasts. We take time to ask your friends and family to say something for you to remember this very special day. Some give king words of advice. Some tell a little funny story about marriage. Some just say congratulations. But this stuff will become precious and irreplaceable as the years pass.

Imagine this. You sit down, 30 years from now with your little 3 year old grand daughter, showing her how young you and grandpa looked when you were, well 30 years younger. A video is so much more than just something you as a couple look back on, it becomes a treasured memory. You will look at the video from time to time through the years, hearing those solum vows you made to each other. Vow that you truly meant, and will continue to mean.

So what does it cost? Check in with me at and I can send you a written quote with all the details. We would be so honored to document this once in a lifetime day for you.

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