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Digitalize your Home Movies

If you're anything like me, I have treasured family pictures going way back. Especially since I had a keen interest in photography since I was maybe as young as 6 years old. And given the age of this old media, the pictures and the home movies, it all needed to be regularly converted to the digital. The advantage of digital, is it can be saved anyway and viewed whenever you want to. And while there is nothing like a paper picture (that one is another blog for another day), it is also important to keep the digitized copies for ease of making a new paper copy or viewing when you want.

We at Jill Matthews Photography offer a digital conversion service to save all your own home movies and pictures. We are family owned and operated so you can feel at ease that all your home movies and pictures will be treated with special care while we convert to video. We find we are able to present most digital orders in 3 to 4 weeks. We can send you all the new digital files via online (the cloud) on a flash drive or on a DVD. All your original media is returned to you safe and sound, along with the new digitized version.

Pricing starts as low as $50 for 2 items. You can look at all the options at

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