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Cincinnnati Family Portrait Photography

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Time to schedule a family portrait. Let Jill Matthews Photography take care of this from beginning to end. No one leave the studio with out a picture.

These days, many people print pictures at kiosks in local drugstores or through their home printers. However, when you hire a photographer to cover a special event, take family pictures, or capture lovely engagement photos, you will receive beautiful prints from a professional lab. As Cincinnati, OH’s leading photographer, Jill Matthews Photography specializes in capturing clients’ most special moments. Here, she explains some of the benefits of printing photographs through a professional photographer:

Portrait Photography

  • Better Image Quality: One of the main problems with printing kiosks and home printers is the coloring. Many of the printers will have too much contrast or not enough sharpness. The color variance will be different than what was intended by the photographer. While this may not be a problem for everyday photos taken on your cell phone, it can downgrade the beauty of a professional picture. Professional printing labs, however, do not have this issue; they produce vibrant colors similar to the original image.

  • High-Quality Materials: Another benefit of professional photo printing is the materials. Professional print labs use high-quality paper and ink, which are better than what you get at a retail printing kiosk or home. The labs also use a special coating over the pictures that make them resistant to fading, dust, and fingerprints.

  • Client Satisfaction: The goal of your photographer is to produce fantastic images that you will treasure for a lifetime. That means they take the time to edit and process your photos. There’s no need to worry about receiving a print copy with low quality. A professional photographer takes pride in their work, which means you will receive an amazing product.

Don’t settle for poor quality photo printing services. Jill Matthews Photography believes in producing high-quality photographs for all of her clients. She has the experience, credentials, and artistic flair to make your special occasions memorable. If you’re located in the Cincinnati area, including the Village of Indian Hill, and would like to schedule a photography session with Jill, call (513) 267-7973 or visit her online for more information. 

You can book a session with her at

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