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Cincinnati's Best Child Photography

Updated: Mar 15, 2018

Cincinnati's Premier Child Photography

There are times when one examines what is really important in life. what is there passion. What drives one to get out of bed in the morning. So I am at this point of reflection in my own life, after a big, big birthday, one those ones that ends in a zero. I find myself reflecting on my own childhood. My own passions in life took a turn when my dad hired a profession photographer to photograph me at age 6. That talent photographer took images on me as I did not see myself. He took me out in the fields of flowers by our house, by our horses that I loves, out by our barns where I loved to sit and think. He captured who I was. A child of six is a glimpse of the grown up they will become. I saw this in my own daughter. I see it again in my grand daughter. 

This past January I went to a photographer convention, as I do every year, looking for new inspiration and education  on the latest trends. Stay abreast of get lost. Thinking of this truth I had in my heart, the six year old, I saw these gorgeous, amazing (and very expensive) princess gowns. I picked one up. I just spoke to me. It was $500. Wow!!! Four photographers surrounded me. They said put that down and we want it. I knew I had something very special. 

I bought three of them. 

When my precious young client comes in and put these dresses on, she transforms into the princess she already knows she is. I ask her not to think about it to much. What is her favorite animal. My extremely talented Photoshop artist, Jeremy Knight, does his amazing magic and the image comes to life. 

I have the honor and priviledge of owning a large format professional Canon printer. I can print canvas, or any medium right in my studio. I want these gorgeous images to hang in these girls rooms. I want them to know they have strength inside them that they can pull from when they need it. They will need it one day. We all do. 

Don’t let this precious time get away. Schedule a shoot. It’s only $150. 

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