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Christmas Mini Sessions (socially distanced)

Here is how you can make Christmas special for others as a photographer.

Christmas is a special day for all. Christmas closes each year with smiles and happiness all around and makes the next year brings good fortune for everyone. But recently, things have not been the same due to the pandemic. There is nothing great about Covid-19 and these are times of stress for all humans around the globe. With the second wave of it, things look far depressing than before which makes this Christmas different than before. In such awful times, it is our moral responsibility to do something for the people that will add something positive to their lives. As photographers, we can do a lot that would make this day more special. Here is a list of things that can be offered with your services for spreading happiness.

Ensure the distancing SOPs

Safety always comes first. There should be no compromises when it comes to the health and well-being of others. Working in Covid indeed has some constraints but they can be ignored for the safety of people. So, while providing your services during the Christmas season, make sure that all social distancing rules are being followed. Working in a safe condition will always make others feel special about themselves. Tell them how you want them safe and your empathy will rest in their hearts forever. Provide the masks and sanitizer yourself, and if possible, carry a portable projector to show them the same pictures right at the spot.

Offer discounts:

We all know how tough the condition of people is during the pandemic. A considerable number of people have lost their jobs because of this and they cannot afford things like before. Therefore, you can always offer discounts on your photography packages exclusive for Christmas. Christmas mini sessions are usually not very expensive but offering a discount on them would make it more affordable for the people who are jobless on an event like Christmas. Not many people have high-quality family pictures with them and Christmas mini is a perfect option for them. Jill Matthews Photography has slashed prices for the Christmas mini sessions as they understand the condition of people right now.

Be creative:

The main thing about Christmas mini sessions is the creativity involved with them. For a perfect Christmas mini session, you have to do something that will stay with the client forever. Let people know what is the most special thing you are offering for them in the Christmas mini. More effort put into the work means everything for the clients. The creative aspect should pop out of your work and it should be something that doesn’t fail to put a smile on their faces. For example, the team at Jill Matthews photography has arranged a cute Christmas Cookie Mini that has all the family members on a cookie sheet. The family getting the session will find it difficult to forget this gesture of Christmas Mini.

Do not forget the kids!

When we talk about Christmas mini, kids are the first that come to our minds. Kids love Christmas more than anything and they get treated with candies, cookies, and gifts. Hence, kids should not be forgotten on this day. Kids demand special treatment for themselves so, a Christmas mini session must have something exclusive for the kids. To make their day and keep it memorable for them, you can arrange Christmas cookies and candies for the kids. Make sure they are individually packed for each of them for the safety precautions.

As Christmas only comes once a year, everyone should celebrate it with love and kindness which is the true spirit of this event. We often forget the importance of such events. Life is too short and who knows what happens tomorrow. So, let us save our memories in pictures this Christmas. If you haven’t planned a Christmas mini shoot, this is the perfect time to book your session.

This will be the first and the last Christmas in this pandemic and the family pictures associated with it will hold a special spot in our heart. It will remind us how times were tough and yet, we all made it through the rough days. Jill Matthews Photography has its bookings opened for the Christmas mini sessions at a discounted price and the whole team is aiming to make this Christmas unforgettable for you all. Merry Christmas!

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