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A Sweet & Simple Wedding Day

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that every wedding should incorporate something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. WELL, Fun fact #1: that saying comes from an Old English rhyme and those items are intended to bring the good luck to your big day. Fun fact #2: Sarah and Cole had the “something old” thing down pat at their late spring wedding held at the gorgeous Seventh Day Adventist Church in Piqua, OH.

Vintage elegance was the name of the game for this very photographable wedding, and I am so excited to share the images from that day with you!

Though it’s hard to narrow down, I think my favorite vintage element from the entire wedding was Sarah'’s wedding dress.

In addition to being a gorgeous display, you could absolutely tell that everyone was swept up in the emotions of it all, and that they had a great time celebrating together. Sarah says, “He is my best friend!.” Isn’t that so awesome?

Thank you again for inviting me to be part of your day, Sarah and Cole, and congratulations on hosting a beautiful, love-filled wedding!

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