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5 Tips to Make Wedding Planning at Krohn Conservatory

So the time has come for you to finally start planning your wedding – but 2020 came and upended your agenda. To say that wedding planning this year has significantly changed is an understatement, but that doesn’t mean that the sanctity of the wedding will be tarnished. If anything, weddings this year and those in the near future will be all about intimacy. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Sandra Kesh believes that intimate weddings are the best possible solution right now, and this actually allows the central focus to be on the couple and the people closest to them. Naturally, the place you will be holding your wedding at must accommodate these needs. Blending practicality, safety, and nature’s beauty, Krohn Conservatory is the perfect location to hold your wedding. In this regard, here are some tips to make wedding planning at Krohn Conservatory much easier:

#1: Opt for the Micro Wedding Package This package is ideal for 50 guests and below. Having your wedding in this picturesque landscape allows for a one of a kind experience that you and your guests are sure to enjoy. Wedding planning over here will be a breeze as this particular package comes with a venue, caterer, officiant, and all the other personnel and equipment you could possibly need. If coordination is your biggest concern, this is a stress-free option that guarantees that you will be in the hands of only the best professionals who can execute your dream wedding.

#2: Plan your finances wisely If you’re worried that a destination wedding will be too expensive, make sure you plan ahead. There are many ways that you can cut costs with some strategic planning and budgeting. Consider discussing your options with a wedding manager. Oftentimes, hosting a wedding in a non-peak season or during the week (Sunday – Thursday) is more affordable, than when having it on a high demand date. Inquire about packages options, recommended vendor list (they often offer partner discounts), current promotion, etc. to find out your options and ways to stretch your budget. Krohn Conservatory can provide you with a breakdown of expenses depending on the size of your wedding. This way, you can cut costs on certain areas while splurging on others. With your finances in order, you have a clear understanding of what you can afford and what to expect. That’s a huge step in the planning process.

#3: Don’t be afraid to cut the guest list If your wedding planning was already underway prior to the pandemic, you might be concerned about cutting the guest list without offending anyone. But etiquette expert Diane Gottsman says that given that these are unique circumstances, people will understand and also be relieved. Applying a uniform standard to your guest list – for example, immediate family and the bridal party only – may ensure that there’s no hard feelings. Also, it’s important to inform guests who are not part of these groupings of your decision personally. Once you have streamlined your list, you don’t have to worry about accommodations, as The Pines offers rental cabins that will make grouping your guests much simpler.

#4: Stick to a theme Sticking to a theme is one of the main rules of planning a wedding, but it may get overlooked if you’re looking to combine multiple elements that end up clashing. However, for smaller weddings in the current climate, sticking to a theme will help give you a sense of structure and direction. Simplifying your wedding will be made easier with a concrete theme to base everything around. This will also help you select a menu quickly, as Krohn Conservatory offers several themed menus that can be added to the package – whether you choose a laidback barbecue type of event, a rustic Italian-themed wedding, or a more formal sit-down course. #5: Choose an outdoor venue While Krohn Conservatory has both indoor and outdoor venues, you might decide to choose the latter if you want to appease your guests’ peace of mind. Dr. Howard Forman and Dr. John Swartzberg both advise that weddings held outdoors may be safer. This will allow for more room for social distancing, which is a guideline you must clearly enforce during your wedding. Holding your wedding with a spectacular view of Cincinnati from Twin Lakes will definitely make up for the fact that you might have to be standing and sitting far apart from one another.

Your wedding is a special day. Trusting Krohn Conservatory to make it even more special will be a decision that you will not regret. Things may be looking a little different, but let us remind you that this is all for the best. Here is a link to check Krohn Conservatory out.

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