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3 Business Ideas for Stay at Home Parents (That Aren't ECommerce)

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Spending Time with your Kids
Stay at Home Mom

When you think about starting a small home-based business, your first thought probably concerns selling products online. Ecommerce is not the only solution for stay-at-home parents with an entrepreneurial drive, though. Whatever your skills and passions may be, there is likely a way to leverage them into a profitable service that you can offer in your local area. You might consider starting a venture based on one of the proven business ideas that have worked for other parents.

Bully being walked
Dog walking

Pet Care

Starting a pet-focused business might be a no-brainer if you have a passion for animal care. Dog walking is a great place to start, especially because you serve as your own advertisement when other pet owners see you managing multiple pets with ease. Over time, you can evolve your business into an at-home grooming service or daycare if you have sufficient space.

If you have the expertise for it, you could even branch out into dog training. You might even consider earning dog trainer certification to give your growing business some extra credibility.

Freelance Writing

Parents who have a way with words can go a long way in the freelance writing field. While many content writing opportunities exist online, you will likely find paying clients in your local area. Your favorite privately-owned businesses need well-written copy for their marketing material, web pages, and social media posts. Before you start networking with other entrepreneurs in your area, though, you will need a portfolio or blog to showcase your impeccable writing skills to potential partners.

If you have proven proficiency in a second language, you might expand your business to include translation services. This can be especially viable if you live in a culturally diverse area where your local clients might want their material to be written in multiple languages.


Many people want to preserve their memories in an aesthetically pleasing way, but not everyone has an eye for crafts. If you have a talent for design, you could have the makings of a successful scrapbooking business. Your clientele may even be interested in commissioning you for any other craft hobbies you enjoy, such as jewelry-making or designing coloring books.

Another option for growing your crafting business is to market your sewing skills. You might find success in crafting custom clothing or even just mending precious items.

Getting Started with Your Business

Whatever path you choose for your home-based venture, there are some necessary tasks for getting set up. When establishing your business, you will need to choose a structure. Forming a limited liability company is simpler than it may seem, and you will enjoy certain benefits in regards to liability and taxes. Your state may have specific regulations for forming an LLC, but you can save time and money by using a formation service that will help you stay compliant with local laws.

You also need to build a marketing strategy for your emerging business. For a home-based business that is not prominently in the public eye, it is especially important to decide how to spread the word about your services. Consider designing flyers to post around town or business cards that other local entrepreneurs might distribute.

Experts stress the importance of a business plan in setting goals for your venture, and that starts with deciding on an idea that you can commit to for years to come. Whether you follow a tried-and-true business idea or find inspiration for your own unique service, you can follow your passions and become a successful stay-at-home entrepreneur.

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